DIY: Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace

Crystals are powerful gifts from the Earth which transmit energy. They were forged millions of years ago and are therefore a timeless database of all the information they have witnessed. Charged with the energy they have accumulated during their natural formation, they emit a subtle frequency. Everything in the universe has its own vibrational frequency. Higher vibrational frequencies include love, compassion and kindness; whereas lower vibrational frequencies include fear, hate and jealousy. As humans, our vibrational frequencies are very easily altered. This can occur as a result of exposure to other peoples’ energies, the news, social media, the weather, traffic, memories and more. However, crystals are extremely stable in their geometric structure and therefore have a frequency that does not change. The stability of crystals makes them a more powerful source of energy that can influence the energies around it. This is why crystals can significantly influence our unstable (and less powerful) energy.

Different crystals serve different purposes. For example, a particular crystal might help you to heal, clear your negative thoughts, tap into your intuition, store large amounts of information, cleanse your aura, or protect you against harmful EMFs. In the same way you might be drawn to someone or something due to the their vibrational frequency, pay attention to which crystal calls to you. This is the crystal for you. You might also like to select a crystal for a particular purpose. Below is a summary of some well-known crystals and what they have to offer.

Crystal summary:

  • Purple amethyst – helps to tap into your intuition and develop spiritually
  • Rose quartz – enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others and unconditional love
  • Citrine – is associated with abundance, wealth and creativity
  • Clear quartz – a master healer that amplifies the energy of other crystals
  • Rainbow aura quartz – charges your chakras and restores balance, peace and harmony
  • Black obsidian – is grounding and banishes negative energy
  • Blue topaz – helps to manifest joy, abundance and good health
  • Aquamarine – calms, soothes and cleanses
  • Fluorite – increases concentration, self-confidence and the ability to make good decisions
  • Moonstone – harvests the energy of the moon and helps to balance feminine energy, inspire intuition and develop psychic abilities
  • Opalite – a stone of love that helps to alleviate depression, calm anxiety and bring about inner peace
  • Shungite – protects against EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) from computers and phones
Rainbow aura crystal necklace

I have always loved the idea of wearing a crystal close to my heart, hanging from a chain around my neck. But almost all of the crystal necklaces that I’ve seen have been hanging on a thick black chord, attached with a chunky piece of silver. I prefer more delicate jewellery pieces and wear gold myself. Additionally, I could never seem to find the crystal that I wanted: A blue topaz. This crystal is my November birthstone and its deep blue colour connects me with my love for the ocean as a water sign. It also helps to manifest joy, abundance and good health. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a crystal necklace not only for myself, but for some special soul sisters too.

Blue topaz crystal necklace


  • Crystal/s of choice (small in size, preferably with some sharp edges and/or a flat bottom to make it easier for the wire to secure the crystal in place)
  • 20 gauge gold wire (you could also use silver or copper)
  • Pliers (multi-purpose for cutting, looping and bending wire)
  • Super-glue (to hold parts of the wire in place)
  • Gold chain


  1. Place the end of the wire on the metal of one of the arms of the pliers. Twist around the arm to make a loop and reinforce with another three loops around the arm to make a ring.
  2. Place the ring at the top of your crystal. Bring the wire straight down to the bottom of the crystal, then continue to wrap around the crystal however you like to form a somewhat secure net.
  3. Thread the end of the wire through the ring loop at the top, then thread through the loop once more for stability. Cut off the end of the wire and tuck it into the ring.
  4. Tighten the wire casing by selecting a portion of wire wrapped around the crystal and twisting the pliers to the right or left to make a little “lightning bolt”. Repeat sporadically around the crystal to tighten and add movement to the design.
  5. Add a drop of superglue to the part/s of the wire at the bottom of the crystal. Hold down either side of the wire to keep in place until it dries. Repeat for the top of the wire next to the ring loop.
  6. Once glue is dry, thread a gold necklace chain through the ring. It is now ready to wear!

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