Vision Board & Visualisation

Your mind has the astounding ability to create your reality. Creating a visualisation of what you desire to manifest is powerful and helps your subconscious mind to believe in the possibilities and subsequently take inspired action towards your dreams. It all starts with an idea and a clear image, but it’s your inspired actions that will make your visualisation occur as you become motivated and regularly reminded by the image/s before you.

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” 

              – Marsha Norman

To bring your visions to life, you might like to collate photos/quotes (Pinterest is a great tool to do this) and print them out to pin up on a vision board. I bought a basic circular gold frame to hang on my wall and mini wooden pegs to attach my printed photos to the frame. But there are lots of different ways you can create your vision board.


You can even draw and paint your visions into being. This painting is one I created a little while ago of myself in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. And  guess who just booked a trip to see the pastel pink sands, blue-washed walls, stunning medinas, High Atlas mountains, vibrant colours and bustling markets of Morocco?


Aside from visuals in the literal sense, journalling is an incredibly powerful tool to get in touch with yourself, visualise your dreams and cultivate your reality. It’s also a phenomenal channel for personal growth, processing emotions, exploring your own depths and expressing your creativity. But I’ll talk more about this practice in a later blog post.

Your life is your own creation, even if it may be subconsciously created. Think about whether your subconscious fears or limiting beliefs are preventing you from creating a life that is aligned with your desires? This is where a vision board can help you to dream big, believe in their possibility and serve as a daily reminder to take action steps towards them.


At the same time, it is important to live in the present moment to create your reality and attract your desires. Everything you need is within you, right now. Be present and express gratitude for that which you do have. A grateful heart will attract more to be grateful for as opposed to one that is resentful and stagnant.


And on a final note:

“We live in a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to the moon that moves the sea… and you don’t believe in miracles?”

                   – Rabiya Tarik


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