Switching to a ‘clean money’ bank

Before this year, I hadn’t even considered the fact that the money I earn doesn’t just sit in my bank account waiting for me, it is used to fund all sorts of industries that don’t necessarily align with my values.

I believe we should all become educated and aware of what our money is being used for and conscious of whether we wish to support that. After all, money is just another form of energy and I believe we should be responsible for the energy we release into the world. And what better way to use that energy than to help create a more enlightened, positive future?


Switching to a ‘clean money’ bank is one of the changes I have made to ensure that I am investing my money into creating positive outcomes for the planet, people and communities instead of indirectly supporting industries like coal, nuclear weapons, gambling, tobacco and live animal export. As an Australian citizen, Bank AustraliaΒ paves the way for ethical banking and I’m so happy with my decision to invest in a bank that is owned by its customers not its shareholders. Power to the people!

Investing your money in a ‘clean money’ bank is not the only way you can facilitate positive change. Every time you make a purchase, you are essentially voting with your dollar. What brands and companies are you supporting? What are their ethos and values? I encourage you to think carefully before buying something. What ripple effect occurs as a result? How can you spend your money in a way that helps to heal and not harm?

2 thoughts on “Switching to a ‘clean money’ bank

  1. this is definitely a topic that isn’t brought up enough!! I only changed to a credit union two years ago and I wish I did it sooner!!! Great post ❀️

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